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Testimonials from Clients

Therapist testmonial Westmeath"Having struggled with Anxiety and Work-Related stress for a number of years I had sought assistance from a number of Councillors prior to meeting Des with no real success. I found Des much more patient and understanding of my issues than anyone I had met before. Nothing was ever too much trouble, no clock watching and he became someone I would trust with my inner most thoughts and emotions. His initial "Colours" assessment of my feelings was so accurate on a first meeting that I did not believe it/him and went to check on-line myself to confirm - it checked out and I began to trust!

Des provided me with the gentle encouragement and tools to become more calm and with time, to make significant changes in my life which hopefully will allow me to start living again and get back on track. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as someone to work with and as someone that is trustworthy, caring and most of all a person that can help you work through troubling times. He became a friend in a time of need."

Frank, 48 year old, Management Professional, Co Westmeath.

Therapist testmonial Westmeath"I would never have thought it possible that a man I never actually met could have any impact on my life, that was until I "met" Des. Having gone/going through a very rough patch in my life, Des was there on the phone to help me, I don't open up to many people let alone those I haven't met but this man had the ability to get me to talk, and talk and talk, I am still talking (I hope he is not regretting this) Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I am the better for getting to know you and will be forever grateful for your help."

Grainne, 42 year old, production manager, Dublin.

Therapist testmonial Westmeath"I just wanted to say a very big Thank-You for all your help and kindness over the last year. I truly couldn’t have imagined what state I would have been in without your help. Things are very good Thank God. I cannot believe the difference in myself, I have to admit that I value your gently but highly effective way of making me talk out what was in my head. I think it is really important to let you know how good you are at what you do Des. I can see such a difference in myself since I went to you and I would like to Thank-You. I would recommend you to anyone looking for help like me "

Louise, 37 year old, fitness instructor, Co Westmeath.


Therapist testimonial Roscommon"You have helped me to find myself again and the journey will continue!

Theresa, 38 year old, healthcare worker, County Roscommon.





Therapist testimonial Longford"I just wanted to say Thank-You so much for helping me to get my confidence back and for listening."

Josephine, 35 year old, nurse, County Longford.




Therapist testimonial Galway"There is a recession sweeping the country, but it was my personal recession that troubled me most, until I stopped by and spoke to you. Thank-You for helping me find my value again, my personal recession is officially over."

Sarah, 30 year old business owner, County Galway.




Therapist testimonial Mayo"I didn't believe there was a solution to my problems, the initial assessment consultation surprised me. I have attended other therapists, while their therapy was good, it did not get to the root cause of my problems. You were fearless in your search for the answers and as you said, I was brave in responding, Thank-You Des."

Peter, 29 year old, self employed, County Mayo.




Therapist testimonial Meath"Thank-You for listening and for caring, it was difficult for me to open up at first. I know, as a long held low self-esteem was telling me that I was not good enough. This feeling had ruled my life for longer than I care to remember. Since our sessions I feel I can finally say, I have started to live again, the future looks much brighter."

Karen, 35 year old, nurse, County Meath.




Therapist testimonial Roscommon"You did say that it would not be easy, and it wasn't, you said I might cry and I did,you said I would learn to live again and i have. Thank-You Des."

Cathy, 45 year old housewife, County Roscommon.





Therapist testimonial Westmeath"I feel much happier and more positive now, I am so glad I'm feeling better, I have come so far. It's easier said than done to be positive in some situations, but I can do it. I will always remember 'The Anchor' who knows i may even pass it onto my children someday, Thank-You."

Lorraine, 23 year old, primary school teacher, County Westmeath.





Therapist testimonial Dublin"The spiritual part of my life has returned, you said it was just hidden, out of my view and so it was, your gentle kind encouragement has awakened a new me."

Gavin, 25 year old actor, County Dublin.




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