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Books - Graduate to Success by James Sweetman

James SweetmanAbout the author- James Sweetman is one of Ireland's leading Executive, Personal and Performance Coaches. At the heart of his work is assisting individuals and organisations to realise their potential. James started his career in the financial services industry and has held senior positions in the areas of Change Management, Business Development and Customer Services. He completed his Masters of Business Administration in 1998. James is a qualified Business and Personal Coach and is also a certified NLP Practitioner. He founded James Sweetman & Associates in 2003 and in addition to his coaching work, he runs workshops and seminars on a range of business and personal development topics. James writes monthly columns for a number of industry magazines and is a regular contributor to articles in the national media. Graduate to Success is his first book.

graduate to success by James SweetmanThis is a question most of us are asked as children and as children we let our imaginations run wild with our responses. For me, over the years my response has been teacher, bank robber, solicitor (from breaking the law to knowing the law) and accountant. But when we reach fifteen or sixteen, this question begins to lodge in our heads and when uttered it is usually said in a more serious tone. The pressure mounts as we decide what subjects to specialise in at school. Already we are making big decisions! Chances are if you are reading this you are already grown up. Perhaps you are facing decisions as to your career direction? Perhaps you simply don't have a clue and even question the concept of being grown up and that is ok too.

When we look at the "big picture" we can become stressed or even depressed at the thought of "starting-over" James Sweetman has distilled his approach into a practical guide that will help you the reader to focus on and achieve your personal goals. Each chapter concludes with an Action that you must undertake if you want to progress. James leaves nothing to chance in his persuit of helping you get to where you need to go. He even offers advice on "How to use this book?" He suggests that you "make this book your own, have a highlighter, or pen for underlining in your hand as you go through it (if it is not too much like school). Scribble your ideas or thoughts in the margins." This book is an outstanding example of an educational, inspirational and motivational guide to success. I love the stories of real people James refers to in each chapter and how he models his principals through these stories. Graduate to Success contains far more content than its 163 pages suggest, its simplicity and effective principals gives value to the reader that greater volumes written in this field can't and don't. Graduate to Success is available to purchase online at James Sweetman's website.

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Extract from Graduate to Success


"What are you going to be when you grow up?"



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