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Recommended Reading


the hidden messages in water

Books - The Hidden Messages in Water

The Hidden Messages in Water introduces the revolutionary work of internationally renowned Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto, who has discovered that molecules of water are affected by our thoughts, words and feelings. Since humans and earth are composed mostly of water, his message is one of personal health, global environmental renewal, and a practical plan for peace that starts with each one of us.

Dr Mararu Emoto was born in Japan and is a graduate of the Yokohama Municipal University and the Open International University as a Doctor of Alternative Medicine. Hi photographs were first featured in his self-published books Messages in Water 1 and 2. The Hidden Messages in Water was first published in Japan, with over 400,000 copies sold internationally.

read more about Japanese scientist Mararu Emoto and the hidden messages in water



The Secret

Books - The Secret

On March 2, 2007 the publisher of The Secret announced that it had ordered another print run of the book - nothing new for books that sit on national bestseller lists for several weeks. What astonished the industry was the number of books being printed: 2 million. This was reported to be the largest single reprint in the history of Simon & Schuster. The new print run brought the official number in print in the United States to 3.75 million.

In addition, the audio version of the book and the DVD version of the film also sit on top of the bestseller lists. The Wall Street Journal to Newsweek, Oprah, Larry King have done pieces on the book. Several book publishers have put out their own books based on the concepts contained in The Secret. There is even a book by Karen Kelly a prolific author called "The Secret of The Secret" And that's just the tip of the iceberg. All this attention adds up to a worldwide phenomenon.

So what's all the fuss about?

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Toxic Parents by Dr Susan Forward

Books - Toxic Parents by Dr Susan Forward


They are parents who caused us emotional or physical pain. Parents who ignored our needs or overburdened us with guilt. Parents who were alcoholic or abused drugs. Parents who were indifferent and inadequate, or exploitative and cruel.

All toxic parents cause damage to their children - damage that manifests itself in adulthood as difficulties with relationships, careers, decision making, and depression. Millions of adults suffer from the hurtful legacy of toxic parents, often without knowing it.


In this landmark book, bestselling author and psychologist Dr. Susan Forward confronts the legacy of toxic parents - and shows why it is so difficult to leave behind. In both her private psychotherapy practice and on her national radio call-in program (in the USA), Dr. Forward has encountered thousands of men and women who have suffered the severe emotional aftereffects of toxic parents - and yet have made little, if any, conscious connection between how their parents treated them and their current problems.

Like most of us they idealized their parents and believed that everything bad in their childhood was somehow their fault, They were still struggling to win the parental love and aprroval they had always yearned for but never received. At the core of every adult child of toxic parents - no matter how strong or successful he or she may appear - is a blameless child whose trust has been betrayed.

read more about toxic parents and parental abuse



Lines I Love by Mary Kennedy

Books - Lines I Love by Mary Kennedy

I dreamt - marvellous error!

that I had a beehive

here inside my heart,

And golden bees

were making white combs

and sweet honey

from my old failures."

Last night as I was sleeping,

read more about lines I love from Mary Kennedy, A series of inspirational quotes



Books - Graduate to Success by James Sweetman

Books - Graduate to Success
by James Sweetman

About the author- James Sweetman is one of Ireland's leading Executive, Personal and Performance Coaches. At the heart of his work is assisting individuals and organisations to realise their potential. James started his career in the financial services industry and has held senior positions in the areas of Change Management, Business Development and Customer Services. He completed his Masters of Business Administration in 1998. James is a qualified Business and Personal Coach and is also a certified NLP Practitioner. He founded James Sweetman & Associates in 2003 and in addition to his coaching work, he runs workshops and seminars on a range of business and personal development topics. James writes monthly columns for a number of industry magazines and is a regular contributor to articles in the national media. Graduate to Success is his first book.

read more James Sweetman, one of irelands leading performance coaches



 The Full Facts book of Cold Reading

Books - The Full Facts book of

(Extract from Section 1 of Ian Rowlands book on Cold Reading)

Welcome to the Psychic Circus.

The Greatest Scam In History?

They are found throughout history.

They are found throughout the world.

And they defy explanation.

They are psychic readings, and everyone has either had one or knows someone who has. People find these readings astonishing, and with good reason, since they are often  intriguing and incredible. Let me describe what happens.

You go to see a psychic - someone to whom you are a complete stranger. The psychic, usually female, describes your personality with pin-point accuracy. She identifies events in your past and present. Her reading may include the names of people you know, and specific facts about your personal life, career, and plans for the future. She refers to your innermost thoughts and problems, she provides wisdom and guidance which seems to make sense. She may also offer glimpses into the future which have an uncanny way of coming true.

read more about cold reading , the book that exposes psychic readings as a scam



The Four Agreements

Books - The Four Agreements

Don Miguel Ruiz is known as a nagual, or shaman, of the Toltec tradition. The Toltecs were an ancient group of scientists and artists, that formed to explore and preserve the practices and spiritual knowledge of the ancient ones. It is not a religion, but a way of life that embraces spirit and honours all the spiritual masters who have taught on earth. Toltec wisdom arises from the same essential unity of truth as other sacred esoteric traditions that are found all over the world.

The Four Agreements are very simple yet very profound. To embrace and live each of the Four Agreements is to find yourself experiencing true personal freedom, possibly as never before.

read more shamanic teachings from the Toltec empire, writings by Don Miguel Ruiz



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