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Being Extraordinary

Sharon O'Farrell - Psychotherapist

empathy congruence positivity psychotherapy chartThere is no other profession that can be as fulfilling and satisfying, no other job that provides as many opportunities for continual l earning and growth. Being a therapist is truly a life long journey, one in which we accompany others on a road toward enlightenment or peace or salvation. It is a journey into the unknown with many obstacles along the way. Like any journey there are hardships for each pilgrim, but also many joys.

I met Sharon O’Farrell at a Mastermind Group many years ago, a Mastermind Group (also known as a peer advisory board or brainstorming group), in this concept of working the agenda belongs to the group, and each person’s participation is key, as each person uses their individual abilities to create a “Mastermind” for success and happiness. We worked well together and have remained firm friends since. I have intently listened and learned a great deal from Sharon which has supported and vastly improved my working with clients. She deservingly should be regarded as Being Extraordinary as a therapist and ultimately as a human being...

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Siobhain Crosbie PsychotherapistPsychotherapy by Siobhain Crosbie

The role of the therapist is unique, it fills a void in society or at least attempts to fill the void created by the legacy of what have gone before and what is now being played out in the present. I have been fortunate in my working life to train, work and meet some amazing therapists. I find these people as deserving of the title of Being Extraordinary. I have put together seven questions in order to see what “makes them tick” as people working in the world of therapy. I have titled my question list The Magnificent Seven. (And yes I love the film)

Meet Siobhain Crosbie (Vonnie) being her nickname. Vonnie run’s a private practise in South Woodford, London E18 1BG. The company name being APS Psychotherapy and Counselling, she is a member of BACP (The British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists) her qualification is from a humanistic perspective, Vonnie incorporates Psychotherapy, CBT, Gestalt therapy, but always underpinned by a Person Centred Approach....

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Paul Marsden on Bullying

being extraordinarySuccess is apparently measured in many ways, running a successful business, or having reached the pinnacle of one’s career, finally writing the book that has been long promised, or having achieved financial security. Those are honourable achievements, but for some opening tired eyes and facing into another day is a massive achievement, especially when the first thought to greet them is of the person who is persistently bullying them. The Extraordinary person who helps people cope, survive and overcome bullying is Paul Marsden M.Sc.Psych.

Paul Marsden is an occupational and organisational psychologist who works in private practice. He is an honours graduate in psychology and has studied at postgraduate level in Dublin City University. He conducts training for a variety of organizations in Ireland and the UK is such areas as teambuilding, understanding stress, building resilience and dealing with difficult personalities at work. He has also done a number of radio programmes on dealing with workplace bullying and its effects on the individual and the workplace...

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Motivation - Mind & Body

Rowan Duxbury mind and body inspirational storiesWe all, at some stage of our lives been fortunate to meet extraordinary people, they are often unassuming people who live locally to us. Perhaps the old man or woman who live in their little house tenderly attending to their garden while always having a kind word for a passerby. Or they may be more out-going people who we marvel at for their boundless energy and enthusiasm for life and living that never seems to waiver in the face of adversity. Rowan Duxbury falls into the latter category, she has experienced so much and created even more in her life through her work and most significantly through her unfailing belief in herself and in the power of “Personal Alchemy”.

Rowan has experienced as she says “life’s twists and turns of fate” from being born into a wealthy family to living her early childhood in a beautiful home with 21 self contained holiday apartments and swimming complex that made up the family business. Her home was situated on the beautiful island of Guernsey, as Rowan describes it, “we enjoyed an opulent lifestyle and my sister and I attended ‘Ladies College’ the public school for girls on the island”. That is until her father made “some unwise choices in life” as she calls them and they lost EVERYTHING. Leaving her and her Mum and sister alone and penniless. I feel Rowan’s story is a valuable lesson in our current economic climate. Her story reflects perseverance and determination that will help you to know and understand that any situation, no matter how difficult or challenging can be overcome. There is no doubt in my mind that Rowan fits the description of “Being Extraordinary”. She certainly fits the name she uses as her business name and as her website name of Ms Motivator.

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The Dog Whisperer & You

Jacqueline Roberts inspirational stories affecting positive change in peopleJacqueline Roberts. APDT. Behaviour & Dog Training Consultant is the first person to grace my website by fitting the description of "Being Extraordinary". This page is dedicated to ordinary people like you and me who add the word extra to the word ordinary to be extra-ordinary. Anthony Robbins opening lines in his ground breaking book "Awaken the Giant Within" gives you a flavour of the journey that I have embarked on and why?.

This story will inspire you, I know that meeting and listening to Jacqueline has inspired me, and given me a deeper understanding of myself and of the dog that resides in my home. Just for the record, her name is "Peach" not the most macho name ever choosen but not unlike my childrens names, I did not choose the name, that said maybe some things are best left to others? Enjoy....

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