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A Better Tomorrow can only be achieved by starting to make a change TODAY.

Ask yourself a simple question:

“What do I need to do today, in order to make tomorrow better?

Creating A Better Tomorrowis completely your responsibility. We often look outwards to parents, partner, children, lover, siblings, colleagues, and friends to rescue us from our lives. If you are doing this, STOP, you are wasting your time and energy. The only person who owes you anything in life is, YOU.

“If people are not satisfied with their lives as they are, they look for a different tomorrow. They are searching for change.” Ursula O’Farrell from her book First Steps in Counselling.

step 1
Be aware of the obstacles you will find in order to avoid that change happening.
 A recent article in the Irish Independent explored the therapeutic process under the heading,

Do you need your HEAD EXAMINED?
“Here are some of the reasons why people don’t go to therapy. It’s too expensive. I’m not telling some stranger my innermost stuff. It’s self-indulgent to sit talking about yourself for an hour. People would think there’s something wrong with me. I can solve my own problems. It pathologies normal life. I’d rather talk to my friends. I can’t see what good it would do.  It’s a load of whiny , middle-class rubbish……”

Very interestingly the writer Suzanne Harrington first line is:
All perfectly valid, of course, but personally, I’m a believer. Not in any particular type of therapy per se, but in the Better Out Than In principal.”
So now you have made your decision to get help from a therapist.

Psychological problems are addressed using psychoanalysis removin gthe cause of psychological problems and relieving the effect

step 1

Why choose Des Canning as your therapist? – this can be a make or break decision, remember you make this decision NOT the therapist. Some people find that once they contact or visit a therapist that they are obliged to continue in therapy regardless. This is not true.

Regardless of the presenting problem, Des believes it is always crucial that you will be afforded an opportunity to discuss the presenting difficulty and assess all other aspects of your life. This is backed up by an unequivocal assurance in the area of confidentiality and a primary respect for your privacy and dignity; these are the hallmarks of a good Therapist.

At the conclusion of the Assessment Consultation a determination is made on the treatment path recommended by Des to deal with your particular presenting problem. Every aspect of the treatment process is discussed at length and includes details of cost, and all other commitments involved.

What is the key difference between the approach Des Canning will take, as opposed to other therapists?

The key difference is that the client is then discharged, and allowed both time and spaces to consider all facets of the proposed therapy before they make a decision on whether to proceed into therapy. This is done to empower the person, as Des puts it:

“The most important person in the therapy room is the client, my role is to support and help the client to build self-belief, so they may move forward and find the happiness they need and deserve.”


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