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Counselling to help with frigidityFrigidity


The term is defined as sexual unresponsiveness (especially in women) and inability to achieve orgasm during intercourse.  Many clinicians now regard frigidity to be a sexist term that places the blame on the woman herself rather than on her sociocultural, emotional experiences, or health status, all of which can contribute to sexual non-responsiveness.

Female sexual dysfunction — which has replaced frigidity as a diagnostic category in psychiatry and psychology — refers to the inability of a woman to function adequately in terms of sexual desire, sexual arousal, orgasm, or in coital situations.

FrigidityFrigidity often has psychological causes stemming from such things as lack of intimacy or breach of trust in a relationship, negative body image, stress, anxiety or depression. Psychotherapy may reveal the issues that need to be addressed. Couples counselling with you and your partner can uncover and resolve issues within the relationship, such as problems with infidelity, poor communication or diminished intimacy.

Stress, fatigue and many other factors in your life can lower your sex drive. The impact a busy schedule can exert on sexual desire is often underestimated. When you have a million things on your plate and never enough time to accomplish them, sex may drop to a low rung on your priority list. Taking time out to decompress and regenerate can enhance your libido.


The Therapy: The presenting issue will be dealt with in a relaxed initial consultation which will allow for all aspects of the therapeutic process to be discussed and all questions answered openly, fully and confidentially.


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